We are Wevoke

Wevoke was founded by Ton Dirkx and Sven van Rooijen. We share a passion for illustration and animation. That’s why we work together every day to create fresh explainer videos, commercials and other video content. Our animations are characterized by a colourful, graphic style, flavoured with our own unique touch. Sometimes we add some humour, while other times our tone is more formal. But it’s always made with a keen eye for detail. Our customer base is very diverse and spans from the biggest newspaper in the Netherlands to a small startup in the food sector. Each client provides us with a new challenge, which is exactly what we love.

Let’s meet

Have you created a groundbreaking product that deserves a great deal of attention? Do you want the world to remember your name? Or do you have trouble putting a complicated idea into words? No problem! We will gladly offer a listening ear and help you translate your story into a custom-made video
with a clear message.


Everything has a beginning. That also goes for an appealing animation. The concept phase is crucial to come to a satisfactory end product. Together, we will set up a detailed plan to create an animation that makes you happy. Oh, and don’t hesitate to include us in the initial phase of your project. This will only benefit
the end result!


Does this mean we’re involved in the entire process? Oh yes, we are. We will be responsible for the entire production: from concept to delivery. We will listen, sketch, animate and create a stunning sound design. Don’t worry, we do take breaks from time to time. And at the end of the ride, we will present you with a fresh animation that makes your story
come to life.

Ton Dirkx
+31 6 15 90 25 91

Sven van Rooijen
+31 6 55 55 49 14